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Free Shipping On Orders Over $199

FactionFab Turbo Adapter Hardware Kit Ford F-150

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1 Year Limited

Product Description

The OEM studs are a known failure and problem point when working on this area. The stud only has 2 flats on the end and requires a specialized Ford OE tool or stud extractor to remove, which will usually leave the stud and threads damaged. There is also a high probability that the studs will break when attempting to remove them as the quality of steel and machining does not suit this application.

We chose to manufacture the stud using 303 Stainless Steel, adding corrosion and heat resistance to the part. The 303 is an easy-to-machine stainless guaranteeing quality threads and a long, reusable lifetime. The design also adds two hex key portions, a 6mm on the head for stationary support while removing the nut from the downpipe, and a 15mm on the center portion for stud installation and extraction. Adding these provisions for use with common wrenches or sockets will make it much easier to remove and allow for easier application of proper torque specs.


  • Contains all components needed for install, 4 studs, 4 nuts, 2 gaskets, and anti-seize
  • 303 stainless studs for corrosion and heat resistance
  • Added hex key portions for easy, reusable studs with common hand tools
  • 6mm outer portion for stationary support when just removing downpipe nuts
  • 15mm center portion for install and extraction that won’t strip
  • Single use anti-seize packet added to prevent galvanic corrosion between the studs and turbo threads
  • New gaskets for perfect seal