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Free Shipping On Orders Over $199

About FactionFab

FactionFab is focused on exceeding customers’ expectations on product functionality, design, and user experience. By taking a systematic approach to design and manufacturing, all products are engineered and manufactured with innovation, quality, ease of use and performance in mind. Choose FactionFab products for your next project needs to experience the difference for yourself.


Gregan's interest in Subarus sparked as a kid in the late 90s when his dad imported a RHD Legacy wagon for a mail carrier. His first dream car took hold when the STI came to the US in 2004 before he could even drive, and he swore he would own one someday. He was always tinkering with electronics and building things, and this carried over to modifying his first truck at age 16, a 1973 Ford F-250. And as all car enthusiasts could guess, it was all downhill from there.

He has owned 6 different Subarus over his driving years, none of which stayed stock for long. Notables include a 2004 Forester XT equipped with an STI turbo build and a full JDM body conversion, and his personal favorite, a 2001 2.5RS coupe. The 2.5RS was put through the paces, seeing a range of suspension, rare JDM, and one-off custom designed parts, driven in track days and autox, finally going under the knife for a full EJ257 swap and 22b replica wide body build.

Gregan gave up working in the family business (the best hamburgers in Utah) to follow his passions with a career in the performance auto industry. He has too many hobbies, ranging from woodworking to 3D printing to playing music. He still loves wrenching on cars and motorcycles, hoping to pass along his love for them to his son. He now heads up product development alongside marketing and media content at FactionFab, and he's usually recognized by his (controversial) mustache.