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Free Shipping On Orders Over $199

FactionFab Lug Nuts M14x1.5 51mm

SKU FFA1.10243.3
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Product Description

Lug Nuts are the perfect aftermarket wheel add-on or OEM small purchase to really complete the customized look of the vehicle. Our philosophy with the lug nuts is a simple, clean, and functional approach, and packing in as many features as possible at an affordable price. The M14x1.5 thread pitch fits F-150, Jeep, Tundra, and others! (verify before purchase)


  • Steel lug nut with hard coating outer – The standard for safety
  • Durable, long-lasting design and manufacturing - Tested and came out above top competitive brands!
  • Black color – Look great with nearly any wheel color
  • Zinc coated threads (No inside paint like the competition!)
    • Coating stays on the lug nut through repeated removal and installs
    • Higher tolerance control vs paint, better thread engagement
    • No risk of flaking paint build up in the threads
  • Spline drive – Slim design for easy fitment with deep concave or dual drilled wheels
  • 60° conical taper – Most common OEM and aftermarket lug nut style (verify before purchase)
  • Set of 25 Lug Nuts - For 6 lug or full size spare 5 lug applications
  • Stamped brand name and thread pitch – Easy identifier on every lug nut
  • Chrome plated key – Won’t damage wheel finish
  • Matching profile chamfer on key – Won’t damage the lug nuts
  • Clamshell packaging with foam insert – Quality appearance and protection during shipping