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Free Shipping On Orders Over $199

FactionFab Lug Nuts M12x1.5 34mm

SKU FFA1.10243.4
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Product Description

Lug Nuts are the perfect aftermarket wheel add-on or OEM small purchase to really complete the customized look of the vehicle. Our philosophy with the lug nuts is a simple, clean, and functional approach, and packing in as many features as possible at an affordable price. The M12x1.5 thread pitch fits most Honda and Toyota cars, plus many others! (verify before purchase)


  • Steel lug nut with hard coating outer – The standard for safety
  • Durable, long-lasting design and manufacturing - Tested and came out above top competitive brands!
  • Black color – Look great with nearly any wheel color
  • Zinc coated threads (No inside paint like the competition!)
    • Coating stays on the lug nut through repeated removal and installs
    • Higher tolerance control vs paint, better thread engagement
    • No risk of flaking paint build up in the threads
  • Spline drive – Slim design for easy fitment with deep concave or dual drilled wheels
  • 60° conical taper – Most common OEM and aftermarket lug nut style (verify before purchase)
  • Stamped brand name and thread pitch – Easy identifier on every lug nut
  • Chrome plated key – Won’t damage wheel finish
  • Matching profile chamfer on key – Won’t damage the lug nuts
  • Clamshell packaging with foam insert – Quality appearance and protection during shipping