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Free Shipping On Orders Over $199

FactionFab 3D Turbo Blanket Black Subaru FA

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Product Description
Turbochargers work on the basis of heat energy and keeping the turbo as hot as possible. By containing as much heat as possible within the turbine housing, the turbo is able to spool up quicker, run more efficiently, and produce a faster response along with more power faster. However, as turbocharger temperatures increase, so does the temperature of everything surrounding the turbo such as wires, hoses, intercoolers, radiators, and oil pans. As a result, this could lead to surrounding components to deteriorate, corrode, and run inefficiently. Faction Fab Turbo Blankets are designed to address all of the drawbacks while retaining the benefits of keeping the turbocharger hot. By using 3D technology, the blanket contains all the heat energy within the turbocharger while preventing it from escaping into the ambient engine bay environment. FEATURES:
  • Cooler under-hood environment to prevent unwanted heating of surrounding components
  • Increases efficiency and power potential of the turbocharger by keeping the heat inside the turbo
  • Testing results show a decrease in spool time by 0.3-0.5 seconds, resulting in a turbo that will reach peak boost levels faster
  • Black finish
  • 600°F of direct heat
  • 1100°F of radiant heat
  • Fiberglass materials
  • Installation hardware included