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Free Shipping On Orders Over $199
Unlock Your Vehicle’s Potential with FactionFab Coilovers

Unlock Your Vehicle’s Potential with FactionFab Coilovers

When it comes to enhancing your vehicle’s performance and handling, few upgrades are as impactful as a quality coilover suspension system. At FactionFab we offer a range of coilovers designed to cater to your driving style. Whether you're seeking comfort for daily driving, a balanced setup for street and light track use, or high-performance specs for racing, FactionFab has you covered. Let's dive into the details of our F-Spec, FL-Spec, and FR-Spec coilovers to help you choose your perfect fit.

F-Spec Coilovers: Comfort and Customization

Ideal for: Daily Drivers and Comfort Seekers

Our F-Spec coilovers are perfect for drivers who want to maintain a comfortable ride quality while enjoying a customizable, lowered stance. These coilovers are designed to offer a smooth and pleasant driving experience, similar to the stock setup but with the added benefit of adjustability.


F-Spec coilovers come with a moderate drop range, rubber isolated top hat style, and one-way damping adjustability of 32 clicks. Built to last with high quality materials and constructed for durability, you’ll love their long-term performance. At only $890, they are also our most affordable coilover.

The F-Spec coilovers are the go-to option for anyone looking to enhance their vehicle’s aesthetics without compromising on everyday comfort.

FL-Spec Coilovers: The All-Rounder

Ideal for: Enthusiasts and Weekend Warriors

The FL-Spec coilovers from FactionFab strike a perfect balance between comfort and performance, which is why we recommend them for most drivers. They are designed to offer excellent handling and stability for street and light track use, making them versatile for various driving conditions.

Launched as part of our V2 coilovers in 2022, the FL-Spec provides balanced spring rates and versatile valving. They are camber adjustable, have a large drop range, and a rubber isolated top hat. With one-way damping adjustability of 30 clicks, you can set your coilover for the ride you want. All FactionFab FL-Spec models also come equipped with PTFE (aka Teflon) spring perch radial bearings, allowing for smoother, noise-free rotation. Thanks to the durability of PTFE, you can expect it to last for years in cold or harsh conditions, long after a steel bearing would show signs of rust and corrosion.

If you’re an automotive enthusiast who enjoys spirited daily-driving AND the occasional track day, the FL-Spec is your ideal choice. Most retailer’s sell a comparable coilover for $1200 or more, but at FactionFab we are offering them for only $990.  At this price, it’s a fantastic all-rounder for any driver.

FR-Spec Coilovers: Performance and Precision

Ideal for: Track Enthusiasts and Racers

For drivers who crave high-speed cornering and precision handling on the track, the FR-Spec coilovers are engineered to meet those demands. While these might be a little uncomfortable for some daily drivers, these coilovers are designed with racing in mind, featuring higher spring rates and aggressive valving to handle the rigors of track use.

The FR-Spec models are camber adjustable, have a damping adjustability of 30 clicks, and a solid aluminum top hat style for ultimate connected feel. As a part of our V2 series, each coilover is also equipped with a PTFE spring perch radial bearing, carefully designed to eliminate spring bind.

Offered at $1,190, the FR-Spec coilovers are tailored for performance enthusiasts and racers who push their vehicles to the limit. If you frequently participate in track days or competitive racing events, these coilovers will provide the precision and reliability you need to excel.


At FactionFab, our impressive range of coilovers cater to a wide spectrum of driving styles and preferences. Whether you’re looking for the comfort of the F-Spec, the versatility of the FL-Spec, or the high performance of the FR-Spec, FactionFab has a solution that will elevate your driving experience. Upgrade your suspension today and unlock your vehicle’s full potential with FactionFab coilovers!